Podcast: Guiltybeatz and Mr. Eazi


B-Da Sufi and I have another podcast episode ready for you this Sunday evening. We’re listening to a heartwarming song by Ghanaian producer Guiltybeatz (pictured) featuring Nigerian artist Mr. Eazi – and talking about the effect and power of music.

It’s interesting how our surroundings and circumstances, such as temperature, light, the people we’re with, our mental state and other factors affect our reception of music. And vice versa how it alters our perception. When I listened to this song today the environment around me felt hostile; Oslo was cold, slippery and dark, and I had a headache. But the song made everything feel better. It makes me curious to know if Guiltybeatz thinks about these things in his productions. Does he envision a Ghanaian audience for his songs? Does he think and produce differently working on a cold winter day in London versus on a hot summer day in Ghana? I think I will ask him and get back to you with an answer.

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